Work Station

Mascot CNC has the expertise and experience in providing great perception into customer pain points and a unique insight in providing future-ready solutions. We ensure providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to our customers. We have partnered with the pioneer and the biggest brand Godrej in delivering this logistics products. We offer this mild steel blue vertical modular workbench which consists of drawers that are lockable and has a powder coated finish to its surface.

We supply wide range of these workbenches:
1.Steel Workbench
2.Wooden Workbench
3.Modular Workbench
4.Unimod-ESD Workbench


  • 1.Can be used in workplace, workshops
  • 2.The surface finishing is paint coated
  • 3. Its corrosion resistance
  • 4.Storage space under the table
  • 5.Adjustable workbench
  • 6.Workbenches have long lifespan
  • 7.Its robust and durable
  • 8. Easy to clean
  • 9. No maintenance required
  • 10.Quality Investment
  • 11. Can be useful in warehouses, manufacturing areas or machine shops
  • 12.Heavy duty Table
  • 13.Heat Resistance
  • 14.Modern appearance and eco friendly
  • 15. Mobile workbenches
  • 16.Steel workbenches that have modular construction design, can carry a load of up to 2000 kg UDL.
  • 17. Unimod-ESD Workbench from godrej can be designed with storage capacity as per your requirement.

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