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We are work center solution that offers an extensive range of high-precision & efficient work solution from mascot tools.We supply for storage, movement and management needs of warehouses and shopfloors in India. Our projects have given us an insight into our customer pain points whether urban or rural, giving us a unique perspective of on-ground realities and meeting demands of our customers.

1.Every storage unit consists of robust and rigid Steel Welded Structure Having Pillars And Cross Supports.
2.All the unit has Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides For Tough Operations
3.It also has a Heavy Load Carrying Capacity.
4.Industrial cabinets are equipped to hold heavy pieces of equipment
5.Industrial cabinets can hold microscopes.
6.For Industrial cabinet, the shelves can be adjusted, and adjustment rails are welded to the cabinet body to provide extra support
7.Due to unique design & high quality Engineering Plastics Material, Plastic tool holders give 8.Protection from scratches, dents, etc. Easy to mount on trolley
9.Plastic Tool Holder has a Systematic & vertical storage of tools for optimum performance
10.It is designed as such that one can easily make the identification of tools
11.Shelving system helps to organise stuff precisely and optimize space to store things in their appropriate place. Whether it is books or other heavy industrial products, it helps to organize well.
12.Affordable plastic bin and containers which are less weight and easily manageable And assures Effortless movement.

Our array of products
1.Tool Storage Cabinet
2.Industrial Cabinet
3.Plastic Tool Holder
4.Shelving System
5.Plastic Bins & Containers

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