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In Tube type oil skimmer, a specially formulated collector tube is used to separate oil from water using a waste oil recovery system. Floating oil is attracted to the tube and this leaves water and other sticky and solid particles aside below the oil.

Here the skimmer tube automatically adjusts to changing water levels by snaking over and around the floating debris. Scrapers helps remove the oil when the collector tube is brought up into the oil skimmer. Then again the collector tube moves back to the surface where water is present for collecting more oil. This oil which is recovered from the process , it moves further into a collection container. For maintenance free benefits of skimmer, take out cotton wastage, chips or any solid particles one time in a day.

Tube type oil skimmer performs 10 times faster oil removal in less than 1/24th hour, it has less operational power consumption, low maintenance cost, it helps increase in fluid life, it has low ETP Cost, it does lower suction of fluid which means low wastage.

Custom made tube sizes as per customer requirements :
1.2/ 1.5/ 1.8/ 2.5/ 3.5/ 6.0. It has high rate of removal from 6 to 40 ltrs per hour. It has low maintenance and save in power consumption.

Product Application:
a) Machine shops and tool rooms.
b) ETP and other waste water treatments.
c) Centralized Coolant Filtration Systems.
d) Industrial washing machines.
e) Heat treatment and rolling mills.
f ) Chemical, Metal, Poultry, Food processing.

There are three model:
1) Fluidmate OS 001
2) Fluidmate OS 002
3) Fluidmate OS 003


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