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Grinding wheels are used for abrasive cutting and machining operations. Grinding wheel and dresser have wheels made of composite materials. We are also a distributer of dresser machine which is used for removal of unwanted material from grinding wheel for further refinement or processing.

Dresser is used to restore the exposure and/ or cutting capacity of abrasives on the grinding wheels. It is performed after truing and on a loaded or glazed wheel surface, or when a wheel surface loses its capacity of cutting. It removes residue like particles of braze or steel which are unwanted. For effective cutting action, it exposes the abrasives by removing little portions of bond material.

1) Turbocharger
2) Gear steering brake
3) Bearing
4) Glass
5) Cutting tools
6) Medical
7) Turbine
8) Stationary dresser


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We distribute:
1) Resin bonded wheels
2) Metal bonded wheels
3) Vitrified bonded wheels
4) Electroplated tools
5) Rotary dressers
6) Stationary dressers

  • Alongwith above products we also sell superabrasive grinding wheels
  • Dimension for Grinding wheel and dresser: After technical selection