Coolant Nozzle



Get Results to your product problems.However, if you’re hysterical to run your machines unattended in case a coolant nozzle vibrates out of position and starts a” tool meltdown”, if your coolant feel to be scattering everyplace except where it’s supposed to be scattering, If you have to constantly extemporize as well as modify nozzles only to get coolant to the tool tip, then you’re certainly not alone.

It seems that almost every manufacturer faces these problems on a daily basis. Most of the CNC machine tools have a coolant delivery system designed in such a way that it can handle a limited range of applications. Because of this, we have engineered a wide range of coolant nozzle products to fit your machines. If you don’t see something in here that will work for you, then Call Us and we’ll work with you to solve your problems.

For Threaded Pots:
1) Turretjets
Its an Universal coolant nozzle for CNC machines. This are ideal for CNC Turning Centers, Machining centers, Screw machines and CNC Multi-Axis Grinders.

2) CapJet
3) JetBolt Screws
4) PlugJet
5) MillJet
6) LockJet
7) PressureMax
8) Compression Fittings
9) DualFit
10) Spray Tips
11) Extension Tubes


For Accessories
1) Check Valves
2) Manifold
3) Ball Valves
4) ChuckPuck
5) BorePlug

For Copper Tube:
1) JetTube
2) SweatJet

For Modular Hose
1) SwivelMax
2) AL360

For Ball-Type Ports
1) BrassBalls
2) BlackEye
3) BugEye
4) LolliPop
5) TwinPop
6) OddBall

For Press-Fit Ports
1) JiffyJet
2) ScrewBall
3) PrestoPort