CBN PCD Insert



These are used in CNC turning, milling and fine boring operations for finishing PRECISION non-ferrous material parts. A highly polished or “diamond” surface finish is achieved when using PCD inserts. CBN is super abrasive used for steel grinding.

Applications of CBN inserts
Processing materials : such as cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, hardened steel, powder smelting steel, powder smelting metal, martensitic stainless steel etc.

CBN PCD Insert Application:
1) It sprays Direct Coolant on the tip edge
2) It has Good chip flowing
3) Due to strong mounting stability, the tool has longer life.
4) Its surface finish is good
5) Due to the light weight aluminium body, its easy to handle
6) Its durability is awesome and it has a low cutting load
7) It has high productivity and process stability. It has more cutting edge which leads to high feed which ultimetly leads to decrease in cycle time.