Belt type oil skimmer

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Belt type oil skimmer is used in quality construction finish and finding suitability for achieving effective removal of un-emulsified oil. We can make these available in filtration capacities of 5 L/hr to 50 L/hr. These skimmers provide support for continual cleaning operation as well as come in auto belt tensioning configuration for superior performance. Some of its features include ease of maintenance, compact finish. It is ideally suited for individual machines, large tanks and it’s application suitability is in steel grinding, washing machine, aluminium machining, tube mill and other areas.

Belt Width for Belt type oil skimmer: 65 mm to 300 mm

1) ETP Plant
2) Steel Grinding, Cast Iron Grinding
3) Washing Machine, Tube Mill, Steel Rolling Mill
4) Aluminium Machining, Cast Iron Machining

We distribute 6 model:
1) Model B65
Removes 10-15 Ltrs/hrs oil

2) Model B100
Removes 20-30 Ltrs/hrs oil

3) Model B150
Removes 30-40 Ltrs/hrs oil

4) Model B200
Removes 40-50 Ltrs/hrs oil

5) Model B250
Removes 50-60 Ltrs/hrs oil

6) Model B300
Removes 60-70 Ltrs/hrs oil