Advanced Metal Working Fluids

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Under Advanced Metal Working Fluids, we offer a wide range of commodity fluids which are useful in machining, drawing and erosion protection results. Largely driven by the demand of top- notch performance and superior quality, our products are easy to manage. They are easily managed with bettered cycle times and enhanced fluid life, quenching oils, polymer quenchants, forging lubricants, die casting lubricants

These fluids are used in –
For severe grinding, lubricity, it guarantees no staining. It is foam free, it has a perfect filterability, mist formation is minimal, wetting behavior – low surface tension, minimized consumption, it is safe and healthy, gives trouble free and cost efficient metal cutting.

Machining of EDM-electrodes
Grinding of Ni turbine-blades
Milling of sensitive Aluminium
Machining of precious metals

Total cost of ownership for Advance metal working fluids includes everything starting from Purchase, delivery, installation, training, operation labor, maintenance, water, energy/fuel used, health and safety to disposal


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