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TSi’s Power Static Voltage Regulator Technology

The biggest enemies of modern machines are VOLTAGE Disturbances like sags, swells, spikes, transients and HF noises. These damaging voltage disturbances severely harm your electronic production machines, causing breakdown, data corruption, reduced productivity, tool damages and loss of profits.

20 milliseconds are the maximum time you get to control these enemies and convert bad power quality into precision power, confirming to ITIC Curve for electronics.

Only VRP Precision power conditioner, based on TSi’s legendary PMW regulation & sag control technology, delivers this performance in 20 milliseconds.

TSi Power Corporation, USA, which provides unique state-of-the-art solutions to enable you to take charge of your power quality issues and to ensure that your modern machines run flawless @ peak productivity.

TSi Power Conditioning Solutions could be your best investment to boost machine performance and productivity.

Common Power Quality Problems That Damage Your Machinery

Time-Of-The-Day Voltage Variations, Voltage Sag or brown-out, Voltage Swell, Voltage Spike, Line Noise, Transients.

TSi’s Secret for Powering Modern Electronic Machines

Few Models are as under

Technology Demonstration of HAPS Model Based on
TSi’s Revolutionary PWM Static Voltage Regulation Technology

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