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Flat Thread Rolling Dies

MPTPL manufactures Thread Rolling Flat Dies for lengths upto 510 mm and widths as per following thread sizes:


THREAD PITCH                                MAX.DIES WIDTH THREAD FORM

0.5MM-0.7MM                                                       50MM (2”)

0.8MM-1.25MM                                                    102MM(4”)

1.5MM-3.0MM                                                      205MM (8”)

8 TPI-26 TPI                                                          102MM(4”)

28TPI-40TPI                                                          80MM(3”)

2BA-6BA                                                                50MM(2”)


MPT Dies are made in 3 varients,Regular,Premium and Supreme quality.Regular Dies are economical dies for soft material rolling,Premium for Stainless steel and other materials and Supreme for hard part rolling.

Thread Rolling Flat dies are made for all standard Indian Machine Sections and also for other sections like Waterbury Farrel,Hilgeland,saspi,Ingramatic,Chun-zu type blocks.

Dies are supplied in both Grit Blast and shining Finish.

MPTPL also undertakes Rethreading & Re-grinding of Threads on Thread Rolling Flat Dies at very nominal prices.

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