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SPC Unit & Gauging Automation

The SPC is display unit for dimensional measurement with highest precision and accuracy.

This unit is used in mechanical industries for AIR GAUGING, MECHANICAL GAUGING AND MULTIGAUGING.


  1. LVDT Pressure probe selection provided (up-to 8 probes) with results of various combination.
  2. SPC (Statistical Process Control) facility for monitor a process for confirming product with minimum waste.
  3. 7” graphic colour TFT display.
  4. 50 different user programmable fixture programs with programmable fixture name and result name.
  5. Can interface USB standard keyboard, pen drive to this unit.
  6. Without any software we can see the data on computer or laptop.
  7. Facility to display up-to 8 results.
  8. Statistical Analysis Run chart, cp -cpk, Histogram, etc
  9. Pie chart analysis is provided for each individual result and all over accept reject status.
  10. Accept/reject/rework status of job indication on colour TFT display for each result.
  11. Programmable limits/masters and mean size for each result.
  • 12. Mastering methods (single or double).
  • 13. In-Built data storage 2GB
  • 14. Can save 2.5cr samples with serial number/data with date and time (built in RTC). 
  • 15. Formula settings for each result for various job profiles. 
  • 16. Auto sense facility is available with jobs count setting for master calibration.
  • 17. Multipurpose alphanumeric keypad for selection of parameter and nomenclature.
  • 18. Programmable factor for probe calibration.
  • 19. Least count (0.1, 0.5, 1 & 10 micron).
  • 20. Measuring unit selections (mm/inch).
  • 21. Various modes of measurement like CUR, MIN, MAX, TIR, AVG, MIN Selected, MAX Selected, AVG Selected, TIR Selected. 
  • 22. Groups can created (max 8 no) for calibration with same mastering methods and different LVDT probe combinations. 
  • 23. RESET facility available only in dynamic mode. 
  • 24. Device ID to identify the data coming from which device.
  • 25. AIR SAVER facility for optional use. 
  • 26. Facility to choose back display colour. 
  • 27. RS-232 communication with parameter settings. 
  • 28. Delete option is available to delete unnecessary data (Password for secure data deleting).