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We provide Mobile Shelving / Mobi stack system solutions that are customized and work seamlessly to optimise your space. This stack system doubles your storage virtually. Mobile Shelving from Godrej are the best for high density and industrial storage, amazing flexibility , functionality and aesthetics are added features of this space saving system. This is perfect for storing files, for stationary items, for important documents, for tapes, computer disks, for perishable goods, for laboratory equipment etc. The effort needed for moving storage unit is about 0.05% of the dead load.

Main Benefits of Mobi stack system or Mobile Shelving is that you will get ease of assembling the products, security provided by us which prevents unauthorized access, it ensures effortless movement of the stack system by the antifriction bearings and efficient drive mechanism, it optimizes whatever space is available and its aesthetic system gives a wide range of colour combinations and scratch resistant finish. It has Plethora of accessories to suit your every need. It has a reliable and robust system, varying height options which makes this Mobi stack system from Godrej, Unique.


  • 1.Banks
    9.Its installation can be done in Laboratory storage
    10. Can be installed in Cold storage
    11. For Disc storage
    12. Can be used for Storing records
    13. For Bulk documents
    14.For Laboratory samples
    15.For Maintenance spare parts
    16.For storing high value items and a lot more..
    17.At Supermarket
    18.At Food & Beverages
    19.In Defence sector
    20.In Chemical Industry
    21. In Auto & auto ancillaries

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