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Metrology Lab & NABL Calibration LAB

Mascot Metrology LAB caters to the needs of manufacturing companies in Gujarat and especially near Rajkot.

Here’s the list of metrology services we provide at our NABL certified Laboratory:
1) Third-party inspection/measurement
2) NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) Calibration Lab
3) Service Center for measurements instruments
4) Resell / Trading of Engineering / Metrology Products / Gauges
5) Calibration Software / customized software

At present, the center provides consultancy services, calibration of measuring instruments, inspection & testing services in dimensional metrology, and training. The center continuously updates its facilities and expertise in the thrust area of manufacturing technology to meet the demand of industries in Gujarat & India.

The metrology lab provides calibration of dimensional measuring instruments and Equipment with national/international traceability and provides precision measurements for dimension, form, and surface roughness.

The laboratory houses sophisticated state-of-the-art Equipment like a Coordinate measurements machine (CMM), Universal Length Measurement Machine (ULM), and Roughness tester, Portable hardness tester, Caliper Checker, Slip Gauge (‘K’ Grade), etc.
The above Equipment is housed in controlled environments with minimum vibration, low noise, and dust level. The temperature and humidity maintained in the laboratory 20°±2 °C and 50 ±10% RH, respectively. The laboratory is manned by experienced and trained personal and managed by an expert in measurements and calibration.

In case the need for calibration of any other dimensional measuring equipment and measurements not covered above or for specific metrology problems, Mascot will coordinate with other NABL laboratories to provide the services. With its expertise in metrology, Mascot CNC can help industries solve any issue related to measurements. Apart from the above, the laboratory is fully equipped with conventional measurement of equipment and measuring aids. Our workforce is trained and conversant with industry practices to perform work.

We welcome you to use our facilities for the above need and assure you of our services’ best.

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Metrology Lab & NABL Calibration LAB

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