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Robotics is rapidly making its way into the metal machining and general manufacturing sector. Robots make processes like machine tending, material handling, finishing, polishing, and deburring quite effortless due to high precision, efficiency, and speed.
Machine Tending
Mascot Robotics solutions bring automation to the manufacturing machines and simplify the manufacturing process. Machine Tending with Mascot Robotics solutions saves time and workforce and gets the maximum output. Mascot machine tending robots help industrial and manufacturing companies to maximize productivity in metal machining and general manufacturing.
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Pick and Place/ Material Handling
With Mascot Robotics solutions, movement and storage inside storage units, factories, and distribution channels can be made easy. Our robotic solutions help in simplifying the material handling and pick and place operations in your manufacturing units. Automation through Mascot robotics solutions increases productivity by cutting down the excess time taken by manual processes.
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Material Removal
Material removal in metal machining and general manufacturing refers to separating the extra metal parts from a specific product. The material removal is an exact method that needs a high level of accuracy. With the help of Mascot robotics solutions in the material removal process, industrial and manufacturing companies can achieve high precision at a reduced time. With the use of our robotics solutions, the scope of errors is reduced to almost zero.
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Robotic Assembly solution
Material assembly is one crucial procedure in metal machining and the general manufacturing process. A lot of accuracy and precision is required in the assembly process. Mascot’s robotic solutions help achieve accuracy and precision by minimizing errors and reducing the time spent in the manual assembly process.
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Robotic Welding
With Mascot’s robotic welding solutions, the welding process can be made safe, precise, and hassle-free in the metal machining and general manufacturing industry. Robotic welding helps in reducing human errors and therefore increases productivity. Robotic welding also ensures the safety of human workers in the workplace.
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Packaging and Palletizing
Packaging and palletizing is another essential process in the metal machining and a general manufacturing industry that consumes a lot of time and is labor-intensive. With the help of Mascot’s robotic solutions, packaging and palletizing processes can be standardized, and the time and manpower spent in the process can be reduced to a large extend.
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