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Spindle Adopters
Spindle Adopters
Tapping Attachment
Tapping Attachment
Pull Stud & Nut
Pull Stud & Nut

Tooling holder and accessories

We are providing solutions for holding tools of CNC & Lathe. We provide the best tool holder to mount the cutting tools in the machine-tool equipment that performs these operations. Our holders ensures accuracy of machine tools as well as product quality. They offer high precision for which not even microscope error is permitted. We provide backup screws, high performance collets, nuts, wrenches, and pull studs for your tool holder assemblies. We supply tool holder backup screws. These screws control cutting tool length, weldon screws for side lock end mill holders, clamping bolts for face/ shell mill arbors.




Top Quality tooling holders and accessories


High precision ground for accuracy


Faster plug-in and play start-up


Minimum delay

Our strict quality control and inspection along with unique features insure the lowest possible runout and highest cutting tool performance.


We offer:

1. Spindle Adopters

Our adopters is used on standard non-vacuum chuck heads. It is provided with extenders that allows easy removal with wrench

2. Tapping Attachments

We are leading manufacturers of precision engineered Tapping attachments, used in drilling, is helpful to reduce the cycle time.

3. Collet

We manufacture quick clamping process. Proven in precise centering. Our tools are reliable, and has strong clamping. Our tools enures resistance from forced loose.

4. Pull Stud & Nut

Our high tensile strength consisting pullstud tool offers highest security and reliability. Also, highly rigid nut gives high stability during heavy cutting. Our high-precision nuts are suitable for many types of tool holders and applications.

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