Milling Cutters
Milling Cutters
Solid End Mill
Solid End Mill
We are distributor and manufacturer of two cost effective Milling cutter & tools: Milling Cutters and Solid End Mill.

Milling Cutters:

When selecting a face mill, one must consider the desired finish type. There are typically two finish options: roughing/hogging mills and finishing mills. During Face milling, More the cutting forces takes effect in the axial direction, higher the feed that may be selected.


Milling Cutters Dimension:

Face Milling: 0.15mm (approx.)

Application of Milling Cutters:

High Precision
Higher Quality Surface Finish
Closer Tolerances

Solid End Mill Cutting Tools:

Solid End Mill Cutting Tools has cutting teeth at one end as well as the sides. It is flat bottomed cutter. Its made from high speed steel/ cemented carbide and have many flutes at equal distances. These are the most common tools in the vertical mills. They are available in both Roughing type and Finishing type. It is treated for stainless steel. It gives high performance with cylindrical shank.


  • Gives high performance while cutting aluminium, stainless steel, titanium or other materials
  • Cuts faster
  • Runs for a longer time
  • Performs in the most demanding environments

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