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NT Holder/Chuck

NEW! Hydro chuck with collet holder flexibility!

PHC.A has improved clamping pressure for high precision, stable clamping force with collet versatillity.

Special rust proof coating on entire surface including the tapered shank.(CAT, BT, SK only)
Prevent seizure and scoring caused by metal abrasion against the machine spindle.
Special coating protects spindle from abnormal wearing
Safe with water-soluble coolant.


NT TOOL's rust-proofed holders maintain processing accuracy without additional rust prevention.

Ordinary tooling

Without proper maintenance for rust prevention, ordinary tool holders will begin to rust after serveral days in use. This rust has negative effect on machinig accuracy and/or spindle.
Ehen the taper are a gets rusty, the runout accuracy of the tip of acutting tool deleriorates by 0.01-0.02mm.

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