Dial Gauge

We are dial gauge measuring material distributor. We supply an extensive range of reliable and high-quality measuring instruments.These Dial gauges get aligned in several of our machines and machine accessories

1.Stand in the dial gauge makes easier measurement and both hands are free for use .
2.It has a Lifting Lever and Lock
3.Facilitates adjustment when setting angles
4.Minimises vibrations when centering grinding wheels
5.Different reading scales to optimize accuracy
6.Analogue reading

Aligns Machines and accessories
1.Facilitates adjustment when setting angles
2.Minimises vibrations when centering grinding Wheels
3.Different Reading scales to optimise accuracy
4.Analogue use
5.Solutions for different applications
6.Dial indicators
7.Lever indicators
8.Holders for indicators
9.Graduation: 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm

Our ranges are:
1.Dial Bore Gauge
2.Dial Depth Gauge
3.Dial Thickness Gauge
4.Lever Type Dial Gauge
5.Mechanical & Digital Plunger Dial Gauge

Dial Bore Gauge
Dial Bore Gauge
Dial Depth Gauge
Dial Depth Gauge
Dial Thickness Gauge
Dial Thickness Gauge
Lever Type Dial Gauge
Lever Type Dial Gauge
Mechanical & Digital Plunger Dial Gauge
Mechanical & Digital Plunger Dial Gauge

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