Our stackers are the right choice to improve the productivity and safety of your material handling operations.

We are the distributors of three kinds of stack which are:
1.Godrej manual stacker
2.Godrej Semi electric stacker
3.Godrej electric stacker

1.Compact and light weight for easy and effortless movement and operation.
2.It’s ideal for irregular stacking or destacking of loads at medium heights
3.Foot pump is provided for reducing operator fatigue
4.Semi electric stacker from godrej are designed for storage and handling of small items and pallets.
5.Light and rigid construction results in friction free movement as well as steering by hand
6.Powerlifting functions reduce time as well as manual strain.
7.Semi electric stacker provides stable and safe handling, safety handbrakes, safety guard on steering wheel and its compact design provides durability and stable equipment.
8.Fully integrated AC traction system ( ACTS ) is present in godrej electric stacker
9.The equipment present in the electric stacker gives programmable performance as it is based on a MOSFET controller.
10.This electric stacker has a full function control handle.
11.It has a superior mast design that can afford better visibility and Industry leading lifting capacity
12.Energy efficient and precise fork control through electronically controlled hydraulics.
13.It has the best-in class stability
14.It comes with easy battery roll-out
15.It gives higher travel speed with platform
16.It has the best safety features such as five point wheel configuration, it provides different speeds to meet all your requirements

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