We are Rajkot based distributors of Forklifts. These forklifts can serve various sectors of industries such as Engineering, logistics, construction material, ports, power industry, paper and packaging industry, defence sector, chemical industries, pharma industries, Food and Beverages Industries, wood industries, railways, steel sector, retail sector, hirer, auto sector and auto ancillaries sector, etc.,

Equipments used in these forklifts are Head lights, Tail lights, spark arrestor, automatic converter of torque in transmission, vertical exhaust, floor mat, load sensing valves for diesel operated forklifts. These forklifts are capable of the attachments like shovel, parrot beak, rotating forks, drop bottom dumper box, tri stacker, bale clamps, prong, fork positioner, fork mounted crane, four drum grab, stoker, paper roll clamp, etc., Whereas, if you want a forklift that lifts higher with better stability, then we have electric forklifts for the same. For electric forklifts, we also provide safety accessories such as electronic pin access, biometric access control, load measurement indicator, rack height location assist, fork mounted camera, mask mounted camera, blue safety lights and red halo safety lights.

We supply two kinds of forklifts –
1.Electric Forklift
Electric Forklift have the most and the best compact design for four wheel forklift. It is designed with smaller turning radius to operate in tight spaces and corners. It has low floor bearing capacity. It uses DC motors and has a latest generation mosfet control for smooth, silent, efficient, as well as an effective speed control forklift.

2.Diesel Forklift
It has a powerful drive train. It consists of High ruggedness and stability. It gives enhanced performance with best productivity. Diesel forklifts ensures comfortable driving experience. And above all, its very easy to maintain leading to customer delight.

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