Surface Plate

Granite Surface Plates
Granite Surface Plates
Cast Iron Surface Plates
Cast Iron Surface Plates

Surface Plate

We are surface plate manufacturer. Our plates are useful during precision gauging, marking or layout and inspection purposes.

We manufacture and distribute two kinds of Surface Plate –

1. Granite Surface Plates. 2. Cast Iron Surface Plates.

Granite Surface Plates :- 

The plates made by our professionals are from natural Indian Black Granite Stone. We supply Granite Surface Plate. Our Granite Surface Plates are fine precision lapped to high standard of flatness. Granite used in this is directly extracted from earth in its original form. We also distribute fabricated stands with levelling screws as per your request. Application for Surface Plate/Granite Surface plate 

1. It consists of “non-reflecting” characters that is helpful in reducing eye strains.

 2. It is practically fast and easy to clean. 

3. It is non-glaring/ non-reflecting which minimizes eye strains

 4. It resist dust and abrasives. Its Granite Surface Plate have perfect edges and corner for protetion against shock and loading.

 We follow the standard sizes and accuracies.

 Cast Iron Surface Plates :- 

We manufacture close grained cast iron. It’s rigidity is secured by deep cross ribbing. Grades which we offer are finished by hand scarpping. For measuring instruments at extra cost or for fixing work, tapped holes are also provided at the top surface. We also offer one or more T-Slot on working surface as per your requirements at some additional cost. Our cast iron or fabricated stands with levelling screws could be supplied along with the Surface Plates at some additional costs as per your requirements. With each surface plate, a wooden cover is supplied, to protect the working surface and the sides. 


Our every surface plate is tested as inspectection report furnished with each surface plate. We assure the dependability and guarantee that our Surface Plates are the most accurate plates you can acquire. 

Mascottools stands invincible in case of Accuracy and Reliability. 

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