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Magnetic V Block


  • Accuracy for Flatness, squarness & Parallelism within 0.005mm for 2″, 3″, 4”, 6” & 0.010mm for 8” ‘V’ blocks.
  •  The main ’V’ angle & the bottom holding surface are equipped with hardened HSS Blades that ensure extra wear resistance in hardened series.
  • Uniform & Strong magnetic pull to all three magnetic surfaces that is top, bottom & two ’V’ grooves.
  • Hardness of ’V’ face 58 HRC + 2 HRC.
  • 60”, 108”, 120” ‘V’ angles are also available.
  • Easy ON-OFF facility.
  • Used for Grinding, Light milling, Drilling & Inspection of Round & Square jobs.
  • The magnetic system is shielded from penetration of moisture & cannot be damaged by coolants or other fluids.


Sr. No.Cat. No.ModelClamping Range ( Ø D)Size In mm L X W X HPull Kg.
1AA-1803 S2” V Block [Soft]3-25 mm40 x 40 x 5030
2AA-1802 S3” V Block [Soft]5-40 mm75 x 56 x 7580
3AA-1801 S4” V Block [Soft]5-65 mm100 x 70 x 95125
4AA-1805 S6” V Block [Soft]5-70 mm150 x75 x100150
5AA-1806 S8” V Block [Soft]10-140 mm200×125 x150200
1AA-1803 H2” V Block [Hardened]3-25 mm40 x 40 x 5025
2AA-1802 H3” V Block [Hardened]5-40 mm75 x 56 x 7575
3AA-1801 H4” V Block [Hardened]5-65 mm100 x 70 x 95100
4AA-1805 H6” V Block [Hardened]5-70 mm150 x 75 x 100125
5AA-1806 H8” V Block [Hardened]10-140 mm200×125 x150175

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