Bench Centre

Granite Bench Centre
Granite Bench Centre
Cast Iron Bench Centre
Cast Iron Bench Centre

Bench Centre

We manufacture this blocks having an accuracy for squareness, flatness and parallelism within decided micron. With easy and quick setting, required distance between centres can be achieved. This is possible because both heads on the blocks are adjustable. Two T-Slots, parallel to each other are provided on the heavy duty bed. This machine is mostly used for checking of run-out, concentricity, parallelism and axial runout of components.

The base we create for Bench centres is made of close grained castings. With the help of hand scrapping, the bench centre is given a finish to high degree of accuracy. Bench Centre’s heads and base are stress relieved. To ensure uniform pressure, one of the centre is spiring loaded. Alongwith this, it is holding work pieces and easily holding as well as unloading without disturbing the accuracy of centres. Heads of bench centres are adustable to the required position. To achieve the required distance between the centres, adjustments setting can be performed easily and quickly.

The bed of bench centres is provided with two T-slots parallel to each other. 

Gear testing attachment is also provided for letting you inspect concentricity and commulative errors of gears with respect to its gear axis.

 Accuracy offered by our bench centres i.e., parallelism of centres with base is within 0.005mm/ 300mm.Alsp the faltness of base is 0.003/ 300mm. 

We manufacture two types of bench centres : 

1. Granite Bench Centre Granite Bench Centre :- 

We are committed to offer excellent quality range of Granite Bench Centre. Our tools are easy to install, userfriendly, and requires minimum maintenance. 

2. Cast Iron Bench Centre :-

 Our company brings forth cast iron bench centre for your tool room to perform inspection jobs. We offer high quality products range consisting of excellent finishing, lightweight and easy to use Cast Iron Bench Centres tool. Customers can buy this bench centres at best available price and also you can buy other extra accessories, such as sliding fixture, steady rest, guide attachment, to name a few. 

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