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Adjustable Snap Gauge (C-Type)
Adjustable Snap Gauge (C-Type)
Fixed Snap Gauge (Single Ended and Double Ended)
Fixed Snap Gauge (Single Ended and Double Ended)
Dial Snap Gauge
Dial Snap Gauge

Adjustable/ Fixed/ Dial Snap Gauge

We are leading snap gauge manufacturer & suppliers in India. Adjustable Snap Gauge(C-Type), FixedSnap Gauge(Single Ended and Double Ended), Dial Snap Gauge. It has a range from 2.50 to 100.00mm. Above 100mm is also available as per customer’s request. Adjustable Fixed Dial Snap Gauge is available in 2 types – Single and Double Ended. We also manufacture as per client’s drawings/needs.

It is graded and has range from 0-300mm, 0-6mm, 6-13mm, 139-152mm, etc. It’s cost effective and as it has the facility for re-setting in different size its very economical. As per the IS standards, Parallelism is performed between two checking surfaces.

Snap Gauge Manufacturer

We manufacture three gauges and all are accessible at most reasonable prices:

1. Adjustable snap gauge(C-Type):

We are the supplier of graded cast iron body and tips in OHNS steels. As per the IS standards, parallelism between two checking surfaces is provided. We provide at very cost effective prices. We provide the range from 0mm to 300mm. Other ranges like 0mm-6mm, 6mm-13mm, 139mm-152mm, etc are also available.

2. Fixed Snap Gauge(Single Ended and Double Ended):

We are providing you best range of single ended and double ended snap gauges. We supply this gauge with A1 handle and Go/No Go members together. Design is made as per the IS STD.

3. Dial Snap Gauge:

Our gauges are graded with aluminium castings which ensures light weight and handy frame, whereas other steel parts are hardened and round. Any standard dial indicator having a diameter of 8mm can be easily fitted.

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