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Furnace Monitoring Solution

The Furnace Monitoring Solutions from Mascot help the metal industry monitor their furnaces’ temperatures, calculate temperature patterns, get temperature alerts for the furnace, and maintain maintenance alerts if furnace accessories break down.

Our Furnace Monitoring Solutions help you to lower energy consumption, bring down manufacturing time, maintain and improve product quality, reduce furnace downtime, increase profitability, and manage efficient maintenance routines.

  • Digitize your factory, reduce down-time and improve OEE using our Industrial IOT solutions

  • Track & monitor real time production data anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce breakdown maintenance

  • Find hidden losses and save costs


Benefits of Furnace / Utility Monitoring Solution

Check Real-time data anytime and anywhere

Improve OEE

Reduce Downtime of your machine

Reduce Breakdown Maintenance

Get Alerts

Identify and Rectify gaps in Production Planning

Improved Machine Utilization

Get Actionable Insights

Real-time production tracking

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