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Food and pharmaceutical industry are primarily based on the product’s quality. Human touch alone can hamper the quality of food and pharmaceutical products. The wide range of Mascot’s industrial and collaborative robots play an essential role in maintaining quality while producing and packaging food and pharmaceutical products. Our robots also reduce the time consumption and manpower required to complete the operations.
Pick and Place/ Material Handling
Material handling can be automated with Mascot robotics solutions in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The pick and place of raw materials, objects, and parts of various sizes and instruments can be made effortless with our robotics solutions' help. The robots work on pre-decided protocols, which help in maintaining the quality of the products and at the same time increasing the overall efficiency.
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End of line packaging and palletizing
Mascot robotics solutions help bring flexibility in the packaging and palletizing process. FMCG, food, and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from automation as it reduces errors, ensures workers’ safety, and maintains quality.
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Mascot robotics solutions help the food and pharmaceutical industries in providing fast and hassle-free sorting. Our robots work with collision-avoiding technology that allows smooth sorting of the food or pharma manufacturing unit's material. Our robotics solutions automate the process of sorting and make it more safe and efficient.
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Robotic Assembly Solutions
Mascot helps the food, pharmaceutical, and FMCG industries by automating the assembly process through a wide range of robotic solutions. Our solutions help speed up the assembly process, bringing more productivity and reliability to the entire process.
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