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Energy & Vibration Monitoring Solution

Energy Monitoring solutions from Mascot help industries to monitor their energy consumption with the support of IoT devices. Our solutions help you keep track of your machines’ energy consumption patterns and help reduce energy bills. By continually monitoring your energy usage, you can find out the energy wastage and efficiently plan your production process.

Get real-time energy consumption data, reduce energy bills, predict future energy needs, optimize costs with our energy monitoring solutions.

Mascot’s Vibration Monitoring solutions help Industries monitor their machines’ health in the factory from any location. Our IoT solutions for vibration monitoring will provide you with data and predictive alerts on machine vibrations to notify you of any changes in your machine’s performance.

Increase machine uptime, increase the mean time between failures, and reduce machine downtime using Mascot’s vibration monitoring solutions.

  • Digitize your factory, reduce down-time and improve OEE using our Industrial IOT solutions

  • Track & monitor real time production data anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce breakdown maintenance

  • Find hidden losses and save costs


Benefits of Energy & Vibration Monitoring Solution

Check Real-time energy consumption anytime and anywhere

Monitor Vibration level and reduce Downtime of your machine

Improve energy efficiency

Improved Machine Utilization

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