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Mascot CNC’s also provides customized Calibration Data Management Software called – CALITRACK 4.

CALITRACK 4 software is suitable for calibration activities in Small and Medium-scale Mechanical and Automotive industries.

Here are the features of CALITRACK 4
  • Compatible for Data management of Gauges, Instruments as well as fixtures
  • User-friendly interface, with password protection
  • Multitasking tabular theme
  • Effective Calibration Data management and analysis
  • MS Office based software, which does not need additional operating platforms
  • Multiple records and analysis tools like – Wear analysis, repair history, History cards, Call back reports, Issue history, etc
  • In line with ISO – TS requirements
  • Built in IS standards of acceptance criteria for gauges and standard templates for instruments
  • Asset – Budget cost analysis feature
Benefits of CALITRACK 4
  • Tailor-made for paperless Calibration data management
  • Multi-level Password protection
  • Local Server compatible for data protection
  • User-friendly Interface and effective communication
  • Time management – Save up to 50% of the time in context to manual data management
  • Work efficiency – Increase staff efficiency
  • Increased Productivity – Manage the same set up with up to 30% less manpower
  • Simplified decision making with multiple analysis and data filter provisions
  • Effective data and records retention.
  • Zero Search effort/time for quick and easy Audit facing
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